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Requirements for SPC flooring in processing

May 8, 2023

SPC flooring has the following performance requirements based on its function and purpose: low shrinkage, warpage, and good toughness; It can ensure that it is not easy to deform and has good locking force in various environments, as well as a certain peeling force between the substrate and the film. And as we all know, the performance of products mainly depends on the type and composition of materials and the ability of processing equipment. So, what are the requirements for SPC flooring in terms of processing? Let's take a look together.


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1. Due to the large extrusion volume of SPC flooring production line and the need for online lamination, the stability of continuous production is crucial;

2. Due to the high filling of SPC flooring, severe screw wear and high screw value, it is necessary to consider the impact of screw life on the total cost;

3. The floor is relatively thin, with small thickness tolerance requirements, and fast extrusion speed, therefore requiring good material dispersion, plasticization performance, and flowability.


SPC floor processing equipment


1. High wear resistance, relatively low extrusion pressure, and good plasticization screw barrel;

2. Design a mold with reasonable and uniform discharge;

3. A multi roll rolling system with simple operation adjustment and precise thickness control;

4. The membrane guided tension control and correction system is precise and reliable;

5. Having sufficient cooling space and capacity;

6. Cutting and moving should not have adverse effects on the appearance and degree of warping of the board;

7. Manufacturer selection: We should not blindly pursue output, but choose the size of the machine based on our own sheet thickness range. The size of the extruder and the thickness of the sheet should be reasonably matched.