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SPC floor structure

June 14, 2023


SPC is an abbreviation for Stone Plastic Composites in English. SPC lock flooring is made up of a substrate layer, PVC decorative layer, and wear-resistant layer that are pressed and pressed together at high temperature in one go. The surface is treated with embossing and UV technology.

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Substrate layer: A composite board made by mixing stone powder and PVC material and then high-temperature extrusion.


PVC decorative layer: Various wood grain, stone grain, and cloth grain decorative layers can meet the needs of different occasions and tastes.


Wear resistant layer: PVC transparent wear resistant layer, with a thickness of approximately 0.3-0.7mm, transparent texture, strong adhesion, wear resistance and scratch resistance.


UV coating: A coating formed by curing UV oil with a curing agent, which can prevent the volatilization of chemicals inside the board by ultraviolet radiation.


Mute pad: Made of high foaming rate material, increasing foot comfort.


The production process of SPC flooring does not add glue, and the product has good strength and toughness, outstanding environmental performance advantages, and combines the texture of wood and the waterproof and moisture-proof properties of plastic materials, with good stability and durability. SPC lock buckle flooring solves the problem of solid wood flooring being deformed and moldy due to moisture, and solves the environmental protection problem of reinforced flooring.

Widely popular in developed countries in Europe, America, and the Asia Pacific market, it is currently the mainstream product for floor paving abroad, and its application in the domestic market is gradually increasing.


Seven Advantages of SPC Flooring


1. Rich and diverse colors, with gorgeous and realistic colors;

2. Green, environmentally friendly, zero formaldehyde, pollution-free;

3. Fire resistance and flame retardancy;

4. Waterproof and moisture-proof, antibacterial and mold resistant;

5. Anti slip, wear-resistant, and durable;

6. Sound absorption and noise reduction;

7. Lock buckle installation, convenient processing, and simple installation.