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What is SPC flooring?

April 11, 2022



SPC flooring, which stands for Stone Plastic Composite Flooring, is the latest innovative material in the flooring world. It is a premium type of LVT that is 100% waterproof and a much more stable material than traditional LVT.

SPC flooring is a new type of high-quality ground decoration material. It adopts natural marble powder to form a solid base with high-density and high fiber mesh structure, and its surface is covered with super wear-resistant polymer ethylene wear-resistant layer, which is processed through hundreds of processes.

The core of SPC multi-layered floor planks is created from a stone powder and PVC plastic combination that produces an incredibly durable dent-resistant material that doesn’t expand and contract with environmental changes.

One of the biggest advantages of SPC is that it is commonly installed with a click style system that is significantly faster to install than traditional tiles – making it a DIY homeowner favourite. No glue or nails are required to install, simply cut to size and click in place.


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1. Green, environmental protection, E0 Formaldehyde

2. Ultra-light

3. Ultra-thin

4. Wear resistance

5. High elasticity

6. Impact resistance

7. Anti-slip

8. Fire retardant

9. Waterproof

10. Sound absorption

11. Noise prevention

12. Antibacterial properties

13. Small joint

14. Seamless welding

15. Simple cutting

16. Easy splicing

17. Quick installation and construction

18. Acid and alkali corrosion resistance

19. Thermal insulation

20. Convenient maintenance

21. Renewable, recycle

22. International Fashion

23. A wide variety of designs and colors


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home, apartment, flat, villa, dormitory, cottage, penthouse, lodging house,

living room, bedroom, kitchen, balcony, study, dining room, canteen, restaurant,

schools, training centers, kindergartens, classroom, training room, dancing room,

hospitals, laboratories, pharmaceutical factories, nursing homes,

stadiums, activity centers, factory building, warehouse, office building, conference room, 

airport, railway station, bus station, wharf, gym, shopping malls, supermarkets, hotels,

entertainment and leisure centers, catering industry, specialty stores, etc.


Structures of SPC flooring:

UV layer

Wear layer

Decorative layer

SPC rigid core

Bottom layer


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